20140407-212710.jpg 20140407-213632.jpg 20140407-212509.jpg 20140407-212701.jpg 20140407-212755.jpg
On Sunday, we spent the day north of Seattle frolicking in the muddy fields, soaking up the sunshine, and marveling at the gorgeous tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils that dotted the fields. I love the farmlands up north- such a bucolic sight of barns, tractors, neatly orchestrated rows of flowers, and horses dotting the land in every direction until your eyes stop at the mountains along the horizon, framing it all in.
20140407-211527.jpg 20140407-213202.jpg 20140407-213234.jpg 20140407-213240.jpg 20140407-213321.jpg 20140407-213343.jpg
We played hide and go seek among the trees and walked gingerly through the muddy fields trying not to get too dirty. It was one of those breathtakingly beautiful spring days. I’m glad we spent it outdoors and in the country air.
20140407-212253.jpg 20140407-212301.jpg 20140407-213613.jpg 20140407-213621.jpg 20140407-213642.jpg
On the way home, we stopped at one of our favorite places, Snow Goose Produce, for some delicious ice cream and to covet the African handmade baskets that I need to find a use for to justify a purchase. Speaking of snow geese- we saw hundreds floating and flying together inches above the still barren crop fields. From a distance, they looked like a group of paper airplanes floating in the breeze. I wish I would have snapped a photo from the car window.
20140407-212339.jpg 20140407-212351.jpg 20140407-214423.jpg

Jack: “I’m sirsty!”
I’m loving how the sun is making his little freckles pop out!

This boy loves his snacks after school and we are starting to be able to have snack time outside! Thank you Spring weather!

The Lion King!

Sunday night we took Jack to his first broadway musical- The Lion King! It was a huge hit, aside from the sleepiness that hit him about halfway through the second act. But, he managed to stay awake and sat mesmerized, as David and I did, by all of the beautifully costumed animals. I wish I could have managed to sneak a few photos of the production, which was really quite lovely. I borrowed a few from various sources (named below) just to offer you a peak at what a treat it was to see!

20140330-222233.jpg 20140330-222240.jpg 20140330-222246.jpg 20140330-222557.jpg
Jack alternated between our two laps and (quietly) asked a lot of questions, as we predicted would happen. My favorite two characters (I think, it’s actually quite hard to pick!) were Rafiki and Zazu. I think that Jack liked them all a lot too and when we let him pick a small stuffed animal to bring home, he had a little trouble deciding, but ultimately went with Zazu who is quite cute.
20140330-223044.jpg 20140330-223039.jpg
Thank you to Mia and Popi for the tickets (it was a Christmas present for Jack)! We had a fun family date night!

Above images of the characters from rebloggy.com, maxresdefault.com, and thelionking.co.uk


It’s 3 months shy of our 3 year anniversary of living in Seattle and these giant evergreen trees still amaze me!

20140323-203733.jpg 20140323-203817.jpg 20140323-210356.jpg
Even though spring in the Pacific Northwest mostly means temperatures about 10 degrees warmer (meaning a daily high in the mid to high 50s) amid the still raining skies (in other words not much different than winter or autumn…), I still very much look forward to this season. This area of the country always seems to welcome blooms ahead of most other places and the colors, along with the later daylight, do a world of wonder for my energy. Also, Spring means Summer is coming. And, since living in Seattle, Summer is my most favorite of seasons.
20140323-204821.jpg 20140323-204845.jpg 20140323-204858.jpg
Spring also brings gifts and this weekend, the first one of Spring, was a true gift. The skies were blue. The flowers were busting open. And, we spent all of Sunday outside-the four of us, including Sadie- soaking it all in, letting spring’s renewal, renew our spirits. We romped around University of Washington’s campus where the cherry blossoms were at their peak and the area was swarming with people. Jack ran around the greens and sidewalks, chasing his own shadow!, so happy to have his little legs uncovered despite the still chilly air.
20140323-210211.jpg 20140323-210253.jpg 20140323-210308.jpg 20140323-210316.jpg
Then, we went to Volunteer Park, one of my very favorite places in Seattle, to play at the playground, take a walk, and enjoy our first (delicious!) outside meal of the year from Volunteer Park Cafe which has the very best cookies in the city, hands down. Our day was finished at home on the grill. We celebrated spring with a salmon and asparagus dinner while the sun created the most perfect end of day lighting. And Jack even did some pruning on the hydrangea bush!
20140323-210331.jpg 20140323-210338.jpg 20140323-210346.jpg
It was a short weekend as they seem to be, but it was a special one. I was in need of the respite and renewal that this first spring weekend provided. Now, I’m hopeful that the peace I found in the start of this new season will carry over to the busy work days I have have ahead of me until I find myself in Florida in April for two weeks!

First video in this year’s weekly photo series…
I was so happy to capture Jack’s air guitar facial expression (seriously, every time he pretends to play guitar, he keeps that scrunched up look on his face the whole time)! I also love his rhythm to the Better Than Ezra song, Still Life With Cooley, that we were listening to! It was too cute not to share!


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