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(A little late posting last week’s photo…) Photo credit to David who took this of Jack perched on the bumper of a baby ambulance during a visit to the Children’s Hospital to explore ambulances, meet the tooth fairy, and play doctor to your stuffed animal. Last weekend was a boys only weekend.

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He likes to try things on and then look at himself in the mirror.

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A Photo of Jack: 8/52


Oh, this boy…He’s so into his art these days and I savor every thought and creation that he makes! The ideas he has completely amaze me and he is so detailed and thoughtful about getting every piece of his work just right. I’m in love with this kid and his creativity!

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A Photo of Jack: 7/52

20140218-104842.jpg 20140218-104828.jpg

I had trouble choosing between these two photos that we took at Suncadia Resort last Saturday, so I am sharing them both! We had such a fun time playing in the snow, tubing, and drinking hot drinks by the fire inside the lodge. It was a cold, wet day, but Suncadia, again, did not disappoint. Jack’s day was made when our server at lunch gave him a take-out box with a note on top that read “Poison. Icky. Yucky. Nasty things inside this box. Do not open!” and inside he found 3 chocolate bars! Made a boy’s weekend!

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A Photo of Jack: 6/52


It snowed in Seattle this weekend, as it tends to do once every few years. Because it still remains a novelty to see snow cover the ground in the city, it made for a fun and peaceful Sunday.

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A Photo of Jack: 5/52


I just trimmed Jack’s bangs, right in time for him to trip and fall on a wooden step on the playground at school creating a pretty nasty shiner underneath his left eye! He’s a tough boy and it didn’t seem to bother him as much as it did me as my mind forced me to imagine the “what if” scenario of him hitting his actual eye rather than underneath it…
Anyway, it’s nearly healed now and I just love being able to see his beautiful blue, curious eyes free of bangs. I think it might be time to convince him to let me trim the back a little bit without taking away all of the curls!

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A Photo of Jack: 4/52


One of Jack’s favorite activities is to hunt for jewels. We have a roundabout close to our home and some days he requests that we park the car near so that on our walk home, we can hunt (or steal?) jewels that have fallen out of the stepping stones that have been placed there. He’s building quite the collection of shiny round gems.

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A Photo of Jack: 3/52


Jack and his best gal, Johanna, at the Caspar BabyPants and Seattle Symphony play the Beatles concert on Saturday. These two sure do share some love, and it makes my heart swell with happiness each time I see it.

Thank you, Phil, for taking the kids and for allowing me to share this photo on this space.

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David’s cousin Molly posted a sweet photo of David at about age 4 with his brother and two cousins on Facebook this week. Here is Jack holding the photo on my iPad showing off how much of a look alike he is! It’s pretty stunning really. And, I kind of thought he looked like me…maybe not.

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Long, curly hair, blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and full, red lips— can’t quite get enough of this sweet face. Welcoming the New Year at Kerry Park, Queen Anne, Seattle.

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