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2015/01/img_2204.jpg *photo taken at Carkeek Park, 24 weeks and 5 days

I love the surge of energy after the first semester energy drain. I’m thrilled about regaining my passion for being in the kitchen and eating healthful and flavorful food. Oh, there is nothing quite worse than not being able to think of one thing to eat that sounds good.

I love the flutters. The ones that start out so soft like tiny bubbles and then grow into strong kicks in the ribs and gut. These make me feel like so much a part of you, little guy. One of my favorite times of the day is when I lay down in bed to read at night and I can watch my stomach move as a result of your movements…it’s blissful and surreal. I love to watch your big brother talk to you and kiss you and rub you and call you by your name. The name thing really melts my heart. I am looking forward to watching our family bond and grow together.

While this pregnancy has not been an easy one, I still cherish the time I have left to keep you inside where we can be more connected than ever. As we embark on our last trimester together, growing with each other, and nourishing each other equally, I hope for peaceful days ahead as I take the time to slow down, continue to nest, and prepare to be your Mama. You cannot imagine how excited we are to meet you!

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IMG_9395I think most of you must know by now…but I will go ahead and publish the news here for record keeping’s sake. As of this week, I am 22 weeks pregnant (the more than halfway point!) and for what seems like months already, there has been no way of hiding this growing baby bump! All three of us are elated about the anticipated arrival of a baby boy due to join our family in May! Jack frequently hugs and kisses “his brother” (my belly) and talks to him often. It makes me a little giddy to think about that growing relationship of brotherhood and what I hope will be a fierce lifelong love and companionship.
IMG_9384A few quick updates on my pregnancy so far…

What I’ve been craving:

peppermint and chocolate combinations
tuna salad sandwiches
cold crunchy vegetables and salads, salads, salads!
smoked salmon
pasta dishes

What I’m liking to drink:

hot water with lemon
ginger beer
flavored fizzy water

How I’ve been feeling:

This pregnancy has been tremendously different than my pregnancy with Jack. I feel like I have had mild to moderate “morning” (otherwise known to all women who have been pregnant as “all day”) sickness nearly every day this time around. I already feel uncomfortably full after an even moderately sized meal and the left-sided rib pain I experienced, after eating or drinking anything, at the end of my first pregnancy started happening over 7 weeks ago! Oh boy!
But, man oh man, am I over the moon to be able to have this experience again just as we were trying to wrap our heads around and find peace with the idea that it likely wouldn’t happen.

What I’ve been thinking about:
His name, which we formally agreed upon after seeing him at our 20 week ultrasound!
Making a point to spend really special time with Jack.
Mostly thinking about all that I love about the newborn stage (the sweet cuddles, the new baby smell, and the gentleness of an infant) but also about some of my not-so-favorite parts (lack of sleep and the inevitable worry about caring for someone so little and seemingly fragile and so so dependent).

What I’m worried about:
Admittedly, I am worried about my evolving relationship with Jack once the new baby arrives. I have had 5 years of building such a special bond with our little man that I’m afraid of this changing. I don’t ever want him to feel left out or replaced and I’m planning to work really hard to carve out special time with him next summer and I am so thankful that my parents will be spending the summer with us to help make him feel special and loved.
On one hand, I feel so ready for this new chapter… but on the other, I know that I’m not really “ready” at all, if that makes sense. I know it’ll be necessary to approach life with a “one day at a time” mentality, at least initially, and I hope I can do this with grace and patience while soaking up all the precious moments of infant hood and childhood.

Thank you all for your love and support — I really do feel it from across the miles and it means so much. My word for this year is ‘Savor’ and that is just what I plan to do— through the second half of my pregnancy, during the early months of our growing family, and through all the changes this journey brings our way. I want to slow down, breathe deeply, and savor it all. xxo

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2014, you have been fun, busy, frustrating, wonderful, horrible, gut wrenching, filled with laughter, tears, happy hearts, and hearts that felt like they were breaking apart, lonely, dark, light, miraculous, and in the end both trying and awesome…full of adventure, pain, sadness, and happiness.

IMG_9354 IMG_9356

2015, I already love you, and have big expectations for what you will bring to our family.  I am looking forward to a winter of snow adventures, to a spring of meeting and welcoming into the world the sweet bundle of love that has taken root in my belly, a summer of letting our hearts burst open with more love for our complete family than we can even imagine, and an autumn of our first baby going off to to Kindergarten to feed his curious and amazing mind and to begin his lifelong journey of learning.
IMG_9359 IMG_9383
IMG_9400 IMG_9406^^^ All above pictures from Marshall Park, Queen Anne, Seattle; View of the Olympic Mountains IMG_9410 IMG_9424 IMG_9428 ^^^ Kerry Park View Point, Queen Anne, Seattle; View of Mt. Rainier and Downtown Seattle including Space Needle


^^^ Kerry Park Lower Playground; Jack spinning and basking in the sun.


IMG_2064^^^ New Year’s Eve Dinner at Local 360 in Belltown

I hope 2015 is filled with peace, adventure, joy, love, and bundles of fun for us all. Cheers to the New Year! xxo

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Wishing everyone a peaceful end to 2014 and a joyful start to the New Year! I hope the upcoming year holds as much fun as we had playing in the snow! If so, 2015 is going to be a good one!













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San Juan Island July 4th camping weekend: this is the trip when these two really bonded.

Heart swell…

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Still catching up on our weekly photo series…
Four weeks ago, we were at Green Lake with some of our best friends, The Gallardos, who were visiting from Florida. The kids were stopping to explore as we walked around the lake and this particular moment of exploration, that we happened to even catch on camera, turned from fun to terrifying really quickly when Jack fell off of the dock edge into the water. (See him in the above photo starting to lose his balance?)
It all happened so quickly, thank goodness, but it was still horrifying thinking about all of the “what ifs…”. Jack was brave, but it also hit him like a wave as his shock wore off and he processed his own fear.
20140720-210937-76177264.jpg 20140720-210938-76178139.jpg
A few hours after the incident when we were alone, he said to me, “Mama, do you know what I was thinking about when I was in the water? I was thinking I might not ever see my house again…”. Oh, you can believe that I had trouble choking down my emotions with that comment.

This little boy…I love him more than all else. And, sometimes it feels like I can’t possibly keep him close enough.

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Jack played t-ball for the first time last month. In fact, it was his first team sports experience outside of school. I won’t say it was all fun and games…there was one night where we both left crying after a long and completely frustrating protest of t-ball playing. It was one of those moments that leaves you, as a parent, wondering why you are even doing said activity in the first place. It drove me to read parenting articles and blogs, which led me to a clearer perspective of my goals and a plan to use in navigating this obstacle moving forward.




And, I’m relieved to say that, aside from that one night, we all 3 had a blast meeting new friends and Jack loved being part of a team and learning something new. He was quite serious about it at times- check out that look of pure determination when he’s running the bases with his tongue sticking out, just as his Auntie used to do- and there were moments where he was completely the opposite of serious- when he twirled around in the field with his glove atop his head or when he sat on the base cones and pretended they were horses. In other words, he acted just a t-ball player should.

This week Jack starts a new t-ball league, with actual games, that lasts through August. We are looking forward to more fun, more new friends, and more mastery of skills. And, of course, the most exciting things- trophies and end of the season parties (with baseball cupcakes)!

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