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I just found these quotes by Jack saved into the draft posts folder and dated January 18, 2014.  Too, too funny and cute not to share and on the year anniversary no less.


^^Photo taken January 2014 at Suncadia Resort, Cle Elum, WA


“Can I watch a little video on CSP?” (otherwise known as PBS)

“Speaking of that, I need to take my socks off and get the stuff out my toes.”

“I wish I was magic because then I could make the baby a girl because I like sisters.” This is particularly funny now since he is indeed not having a sister and I indeed did not have a baby cooking last January.

Sorcerer of Prentice (Sorcerer’s Apprentice)

Stellascope (Telescope)

Jack on not liking my hair to be worn up-
J:”Mama, why do you put your hair up and down?”
M:”I don’t know…sometimes it’s just in my way.”
J:”But why did you put it up so fast while I was eating dinner? Because you thought I would be mad?”
M:”Yeah, probably.”
J:”Why probably? It’s you, so you should know if the answer is yes or no.”

“I don’t think I can ask questions during the play (The Lion King) because I might erupt (interrupt) people.”

“When dada puts me night-night, do you know how many kisses I’m going to give him? One hundred and ninety thirty kisses.”

Oh, the cute things kids say…so glad I keep little random records of a fraction of what comes out of his mouth.  Often, I wish we were constantly recording him speak, so we could listen back and remember it all.


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IMG_9395I think most of you must know by now…but I will go ahead and publish the news here for record keeping’s sake. As of this week, I am 22 weeks pregnant (the more than halfway point!) and for what seems like months already, there has been no way of hiding this growing baby bump! All three of us are elated about the anticipated arrival of a baby boy due to join our family in May! Jack frequently hugs and kisses “his brother” (my belly) and talks to him often. It makes me a little giddy to think about that growing relationship of brotherhood and what I hope will be a fierce lifelong love and companionship.
IMG_9384A few quick updates on my pregnancy so far…

What I’ve been craving:

peppermint and chocolate combinations
tuna salad sandwiches
cold crunchy vegetables and salads, salads, salads!
smoked salmon
pasta dishes

What I’m liking to drink:

hot water with lemon
ginger beer
flavored fizzy water

How I’ve been feeling:

This pregnancy has been tremendously different than my pregnancy with Jack. I feel like I have had mild to moderate “morning” (otherwise known to all women who have been pregnant as “all day”) sickness nearly every day this time around. I already feel uncomfortably full after an even moderately sized meal and the left-sided rib pain I experienced, after eating or drinking anything, at the end of my first pregnancy started happening over 7 weeks ago! Oh boy!
But, man oh man, am I over the moon to be able to have this experience again just as we were trying to wrap our heads around and find peace with the idea that it likely wouldn’t happen.

What I’ve been thinking about:
His name, which we formally agreed upon after seeing him at our 20 week ultrasound!
Making a point to spend really special time with Jack.
Mostly thinking about all that I love about the newborn stage (the sweet cuddles, the new baby smell, and the gentleness of an infant) but also about some of my not-so-favorite parts (lack of sleep and the inevitable worry about caring for someone so little and seemingly fragile and so so dependent).

What I’m worried about:
Admittedly, I am worried about my evolving relationship with Jack once the new baby arrives. I have had 5 years of building such a special bond with our little man that I’m afraid of this changing. I don’t ever want him to feel left out or replaced and I’m planning to work really hard to carve out special time with him next summer and I am so thankful that my parents will be spending the summer with us to help make him feel special and loved.
On one hand, I feel so ready for this new chapter… but on the other, I know that I’m not really “ready” at all, if that makes sense. I know it’ll be necessary to approach life with a “one day at a time” mentality, at least initially, and I hope I can do this with grace and patience while soaking up all the precious moments of infant hood and childhood.

Thank you all for your love and support — I really do feel it from across the miles and it means so much. My word for this year is ‘Savor’ and that is just what I plan to do— through the second half of my pregnancy, during the early months of our growing family, and through all the changes this journey brings our way. I want to slow down, breathe deeply, and savor it all. xxo

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