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Fresh Juice: Carrot + Celery + Apple

It’s been a long, long while since I took out the juicer from our pantry. We were (are) so very much into our green smoothies that we failed to find the time to make juice. But, the epic colds we have been battling in our house paired with a nasty stomach bug, left me longing for fresh juice. I wanted to make a juice where the vegetables and fruit could be really tasted. I wanted to make something that tasted fresh and felt like it was healing us.


This was a perfect juice combination that we all loved! And, bonus that it was such a pretty orange color! It made about 4 4-ounce juices. And, I can tell you that we will be happily finding space in our day for a fresh juice again–It’s become one of our favorite afternoon snacks! I’m already dreaming up new fruit and vegetable combinations…!


Carrot + Celery + Apple Juice
3 medium sized carrots peeled and with stems removed
3-4 stalks of celery
3 small Gala apples


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