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This boy…
This view…
This restaurant (Westward on Lake Union)…
Life is pretty grand.


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This past weekend, we rode our bikes down to South Lake Union to indulge in some tasty lunch served from the window of some rad food trucks at Seattle’s Second Annual Mobile Food Rodeo.



There were 45 food trucks in attendance, some of the most talked about among the Northwest foodie scene. Out of all the choices, we opted for two crepes- a pork and a mushroom- from Caravan Crepes and they were super delicious. Full of fresh ingredients, a ricotta/manchego cheese blend, and served with a side of organic salad greens, it was a perfect food truck choice!



And, we couldn’t pass on our first chance to taste the food raved about from Skillet Street Food. The chicken sammy which features a piece of fennel crusted fried chicken topped with kale slaw and pickled jalapeño aioli on a potato roll and served with hand-cut fries was amazing…AMAZING. I will certainly be making a trip to their Diner location in Capitol Hill…I already cannot wait to try the pork belly and cornmeal waffle topped with a fried egg!


I was glad we had the long bike ride to burn off those indulgent calories…I even pulled Jack in the bike trailer! It was a lovely and yummy Saturday afternoon!

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On this day one year ago, David, Jack, and I boarded a plane headed to Seattle, to our new life, to a complete unknown. To say that we have had a blissful first year here would be a lie…this year has been trying, to say the least, with David’s dreadful surgical intern demands, the reality of just how far away from most of our family we are, and the natural adjustments to life in a completely different place. But, despite all that, we have fallen in love with this city. What’s not to love in a city where the water and mountains are everywhere??!

As I plan for family to visit in a few weeks, I’ve been reminded, again, just how many fun things there are to do and how many great places there are to eat that are completely unique to this city. I’ve been asked by many readers where to go and what to do while visiting Seattle, so in light of our first anniversary of living here and in preparation for our family visit, here’s an amateur list…keep in mind the list of things we want to do and the places where we want to eat is about 100 times longer than this!

If you came to Seattle for a few days, here’s where I would direct you:
Your first stop would be a quick breakfast at Top Pot Doughnuts, a Seattle institution that features great coffee and the most delicious apple fritter- crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and full of cinnamon and apples. Then, an early morning trip to Pike Place Market. I clarify early morning because it gets really crowded, especially in the summer, and you will get the most out of the all the stalls and vendors if you have some space to explore. You could honestly spend the better part of a day exploring it all- the seafood, the impeccable fruit and vegetable stands, and all of the stores. I love to stop into DeLaurenti’s as it reminds me of my college days spent in Florence- I like to pick up bread, some olives, Nutella in the cartoon painted glass jars, and perhaps some prepared foods- the sandwiches and soups are divine. I also always pop into World Spice Merchants to smell all of the teas and spices…it’s mind boggling just how many spices they have!
A trip to the market would not be complete without tasting, and then inevitably buying, smoked salmon from Pure Food Fish Market…it is out of this world (we had some for our Christmas dinner last year) and they are happy to have you sample it. It is located in the main hall of the market…you haven’t tasted smoked salmon until you taste it there, trust me! One last market must-do is a stop into Beecher’s Cheese. You can watch the cheesemakers at work behind the large windows while stocking up on some of the yummiest cheeses made right here in the Pacific Northwest.
Before you leave the market, you will most definitely be hungry as your senses have been played on for hours while wandering around all of the delectable food stuffs. Take the elevator upstairs and away from the crowds to Matt’s in the Market for a delicious lunch of fresh seafood and a great glass of wine (or a Bloody Mary, which are very good here). While dining, you can peer down on the market and the distant ferries in the Puget Sound.

If it is a sunny day, I would urge you to spend the afternoon on the water. Seattle is a city best seen from the water, and on a sunny day there are few better places to be than in a boat or a canoe or a kayak. As we did for our Anniversary, you can rent kayaks from Agua Verde Paddle Club situated on Portage Bay in South Lake Union. They rent by the hour and have happy hour specials on weekday afternoons so you can enjoy a margarita on the patio after you’ve paddled around Lake Union admiring the bigger boats and the amazingly cool houseboats. You can rent a canoe from the University of Washington Waterfront Activities Center and from there easily row yourself through the waters of Lake Washington into the Washington Park Arboretum . And if you prefer a much larger boat, you can hop a ferry to Bainbridge Island, which gives you a taste of the islands and bays in the Puget Sound and the opportunity to stroll around the small town of Winslow. However you do it, you deserve to experience a bit of Seattle water culture.

All the water adventure will have you thinking about dinner…I would suggest a trip to the Wallingford neighborhood for an intimate dinner at Cantinetta, a small and cozy neighborhood pastaria emphasizing Tuscan culinary traditions, authentic hand-made pasta, and seasonal organic ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. I encourage you to settle in for a relaxed, long dinner with the house red wine, mussels, the Farmstead cheese plate, and several of the pasta dishes to share.
If you aren’t in the mood for Italian food, head to the quirky neighborhood of Capitol Hill to enjoy handmade, unique craft cocktails and delicious sushi while relaxing in a plush leather sofa next to the window overlooking 15th Ave at Liberty– they make a mean Moscow Mule.
After dinner, head to Kerry Park in Queen Anne for a stunning view of downtown Seattle, the Space Needle, and Mt. Rainier off in the distance (on a clear day). While in the neighborhood, stop into Paragon for an after dinner drink (this is where David and I had our first Seattle date!). It’s a quaint bar with a good neighborhood feel.


Start your second day in Seattle with a run around Greenlake and then breakfast at the neighboring Irwin’s Bakery , one of our favorite weekend casual spots. The scones are not to be missed, especially if you are lucky enough to go on a morning when they have lemon scones. Their daily quiche is also fresh and delicious and paired smartly with a salad. We are also big fans of their freshly baked bagel egg sandwiches.
Another breakfast option is Essential Baking Company. We are particularly smitten with the Madison Park location…it encourages lingering with free refills of deliciously strong coffee, great pastries, and yummy breakfast sandwiches in a window filled dining space. The barstools along the windows are a particularly great spot to sit.

Spend the better part of your late morning walking along the water and admiring the sculptures in the Olympic Sculpture Garden, a nine-acre industrial plot of land that has been transformed into an open air sculpture exhibition along the waterfront that is free to the public. There are stunning views here of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains beyond.

For a late lunch, head to Melrose Market for a sandwich at Homegrown – all of the sandwiches are amazing but particularly the Ham + Beecher’s and the Squash + Snap Pea Pesto. After your satisfying lunch, take time to stroll through the Melrose Market stores heading upstairs to browse through all of the unique home gifts at Butter Home, tasting cheeses from The Calf and the Kid, smelling the flowers and indulgent soaps at Marigold and Mint, and then sipping a glass of wine and having a nibble of cheese, sardines, oysters, or pickles at Bar Ferd’nand.

Walk off your lunch and nibbles by strolling the streets of Capitol Hill, ducking into the fun and unique shops along Broadway.

When it’s time for dinner, pizza is on the menu. Head to the Ballard neighborhood for a wood-fired pie at Delancey. The pies are perfectly cooked and topped with seasonal, local ingredients. And, don’t miss the seasonal appetizers and salads. Oh, and save space for a dessert…they are always worth it here.
Or, head downtown to Tom Douglas’s Serious Pie where the sweet fennel sausage, pepper, and provolone pizza is to die for. While you are waiting for a table here, which will inevitably happen, duck into the bar next door,Dahlia Lounge, another Tom Douglas establishment (he’s a Seattle institution), for a deliciously stirred cocktail.

On your last morning, enjoy breakfast at a Wedgwood neighborhood bakery, Grateful Bread. I would suggest having a slice of quiche and black coffee, and picking up a chocolate macaroon to save for later. It is honestly not to be missed- it’s my favorite cookie in the city! From here, Magnuson Park is an easy drive (or bike) and you would not want to miss a walk among its shores of Lake Washington with sweeping views of the Cascade Mountains and the Eastside.


Whew, are you tired now? I am! Do you want to come to Seattle? I hope so!
Again, this is an entirely incomplete and extremely personal list of things to do here, and bear in mind that I have only lived here for one year, my husband is engulfed in a surgery intern year with limited free time, and my son is only 2! So, I haven’t been everywhere…no, not even close. I’m quite excited for more years here and for a more relaxed schedule…there is just so much to see and do. I will keep creating Seattle themed posts as we continue to explore!

I am guessing that Seattle can be a very hard place to leave…

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We spent a lovely Mother’s Day eve in Mercer Island at Burbank Park. We first stopped at Stopsky’s Delicatessen to pick up a yummy dinner (we split the “Sham on Rye” Vegetarian Reuben and a Turkey Pastrami that had a delicious fig mustard, tasty arugula, and peppers). While we waited for the sandwiches, we tucked into Island Books next door and fell in love with the quaint feel of the neighborhood bookstore and their perfect selection of books and gifts. The views of Lake Washington from the park were amazingly gorgeous, the weather was perfect- high 70s, and there was not one cloud in the sky. It was a fun outing! And, the perfect spot for a few Mother’s Day photo memories.

Happy Mama’s Day to all, especially to my own Mom- I love you!

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This past weekend, being the first of David’s vacation week and the first one in which we’ve all been home together for quite some time, we were eager to get out of the house and enjoy our fun city! It certainly helped that the weather was sunny and beautiful, and not very cold. So, early on Saturday morning, we ventured out with a purpose, heading straight to Nook, a highly coveted biscuit shop in University Village.

Nook has been on my “places to eat” list for several months, knowing that I was creating big expectations for the much missed Southern breakfast staple. Also knowing that the whole family might be sorely disappointed if we didn’t arrive early, because they make only a few batches fresh everyday, then they sell out. And, on the weekends they sell out early because the largely attended University Farmer’s Market is directly across the street. I love this approach from a true artisan baker…it makes you feel special to score a meal there!



My expectations were met and exceeded. When we first walked up to the door a few minutes past nine, they we still closed despite the posting on the door that it open at 9am daily. We just took a short stroll down University Way savoring the fact that we live in a really hip city and being fed via our senses by the buttery biscuit smell streaming from their door. When we returned, we were only the second patrons there, but within minutes people were streaming in, filling the place comfortably.

We ordered at the counter from one of the very sweet, young owners (the other owner was right by her side preparing the food), then our food was brought out to us within minutes of settling into our corner booth by the window with our steaming mugs full of coffee. We ordered 3 biscuits to share- one with jam, one with tomato, cheddar, and egg, and the “breakfast sandwich” with egg, bacon, cheddar, and a perfectly sweet tomato jam. The biscuits were crusty on the outside, flaky and soft on the inside…a perfect bite of the south all the way up in the Pacific Northwest. This has made the list for “will return to soon” and we are already looking forward to it!

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Zeeks pizza

Zeeks Pizza is my favorite pizza place to date! It started with the service…It was getting late on Friday and Jack and I were playing in the backyard waiting for David to make it home (story of our lives it seems…but that’s a different post all together). After getting word of David’s imminent arrival, I called for delivery (of course, I had done my research well in advance and already knew from where and what we were going to order…planning meals and researching restaurants is the stuff I live for!). A very nice guy answered the phone, pleasantly took my order, welcomed me to Seattle!, and the pizza was delivered promptly 25 minutes later, as promised.

Wow! It looked amazing and was loaded with yummy vegetables. We ordered one of their signature veggie pies, the tree hugger (because I called to order, it was my pizza choice and all 3 of us agreed that I did not steer us in the wrong direction!). We ordered a large because their website says a large “feeds 3 hungry folks”…this is the ONLY thing they got wrong! While we were all quite hungry, a large was incredibly too big for us! We had over half of the pie leftover, but this suited us…we were excited for the leftovers on our second pizza night of the week!

The tree hugger was loaded with sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives, spinach, fresh garlic, broccoli, and artichoke hearts. The pizza base consisted of a light layer of tomato sauce, fresh oregano, and a sprinkling of mozzarella. Not only is it the best pizza we have had in Seattle to date, it may be one of my favorites of all time! It was a damn good pie! We are looking forward to next time we call Zeeks again!


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Pagliacci pizza

Per Christa’s recommendation, we have tried Pagliacci Pizza twice and, while Jack didn’t care for it the second time we ordered, it certainly meets parent approval!

I’m a bit foggy on what pizza we tried the first time we ordered from here since it was just days after moving into our new place and I wasn’t considering food at that time like I am able to now. But, for our second delivery call, we ordered a seasonal offering, the salame picante pizza which features Salumi’s rosmarino salami, Peppadew sweet peppers, mozzarella, and rosemary on a San Marzano tomato base. And, while I probably won’t order this pie again since I am trying my best to keep my saturated fats LOW, it was really flavorful! The sweetness from the peppers provided a nice counterbalance to the peppery salami.

We also ordered a salad which was really delicious and met both parent AND kid approval! It was a pasta salad with sweet peas and artichoke hearts dressed in a creamy pesto sauce. Mmmm!

I don’t think this picture really does the food justice since it’s poorly taken, but we ate it so quickly, it’s the only one I’ve got!


And, if you missed the update on my supplement give-away post, Kristin is our lucky winner! Thanks to all for playing…I hope I can do another give-away sometime because I’d love to give each of you a prize!
Thanks as always for reading!

Have a wonderful weekend! Be sure to see my second post from yesterday, if you missed it…The Blues at Magnuson Park Beach.

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Pizza in the raw at ‘zaw

To kick off our new Friday night pizza eating tradition, we got pizza from ‘zaw pizza to bake at home since, unfortunately, David wasn’t here to eat dinner with us.
‘zaw is a pizza place in the neighborhood that creates handcrafted, made to order pizzas using local, organic, and seasonal ingredients with the only caveat being, you bake the pizza yourself at home. It works well for us with our varying dinner times and the built in luxury of going out to pick it up at our convenience (i.e. after some playground time) without having to worry about it staying hot. Although, they do deliver AND they even deliver local wine or beer with your pizza, which I think is pretty great.

Our pizzas were delicious. We had the Shroom Festival which has sautéed portabella, button, and crimini mushrooms from Ostrom’s in Olympia and fresh thyme, garlic, asiago, and mozzarella cheeses.


We also had their seasonal pie which featured roasted chicken, caramelized onions, basil, feta, mozzarella, and chunks of rhubarb on a whole wheat crust with a homemade rhubarb balsamic sauce. It was as amazing as it sounds…and, if it doesn’t sound that amazing, trust me…it truly is!


It was a great start to pizza Fridays! My only complaint about ‘zaw pizzais that their prices are pretty steep for a pizza you bake yourself. Their thoughtful ingredients and the unique pairings in their seasonal pies, plus its convenience to our house and Jack’s school, are sure to have me going back though. And, next time, I will likely let them help me build the perfect night in by having them deliver a pizza, salad, and 6 pack of beer!

A family note:
We visited Jack’s school this week to meet some new friends and teachers. Jack played really well and the teachers seemed to really like him! One of the teachers said to me as we were leaving, “I’m happy to have Jack in our class…he seems like such a cool kid. His attitude is great and he’s so hip with his hair!”. Be still my heart…! I’ve been smiling all day about it…I DO have a cool kid!
And, these pictures are for everyone to smile at, but they are especially for my mom. Mom, Jack loves his “ah ah” and insisted that the monkey wears his old shoes since he got new ones! I hope this makes you smile and feel better!



Happy weekend everyone! Please stay tuned for a special post on Sunday…I’m doing my first blog give-away and it’s a good one! All you have to do is read my post and comment to win!!!

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