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We celebrated Jack’s 5th birthday at Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm surrounded by friends and a beautiful, yet muddy, setting of corn fields and pumpkin patches.






It was a Star Wars themed party so we made light sabers as party favors and Jack got a “real” Darth Vader red light saber.  These were more of a hit than we could have imagined!  Turns out 4 and 5 year olds love to pretend fight and run around!

IMG_9269IMG_9228   IMG_9227 IMG_9248IMG_9231   IMG_9237

We shot the apple canon, rode the cow train, and played in our own part of the kid’s corn maze, nestled between the tall rows of corn.



IMG_9239IMG_9240 IMG_9256IMG_9253IMG_9255 IMG_9262 IMG_9264 IMG_9265


And, we, of course, had birthday treats- Devil’s Food cupcakes with cream cheese frosting decorated with Star Wars characters.  It was a fun fall afternoon and the birthday boy was all smiles!  I was so happy to find a festive outdoor venue to host the party…we will probably use this type of setting again.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!  Cannot believe you are soon turning FIVE!


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Jack played t-ball for the first time last month. In fact, it was his first team sports experience outside of school. I won’t say it was all fun and games…there was one night where we both left crying after a long and completely frustrating protest of t-ball playing. It was one of those moments that leaves you, as a parent, wondering why you are even doing said activity in the first place. It drove me to read parenting articles and blogs, which led me to a clearer perspective of my goals and a plan to use in navigating this obstacle moving forward.




And, I’m relieved to say that, aside from that one night, we all 3 had a blast meeting new friends and Jack loved being part of a team and learning something new. He was quite serious about it at times- check out that look of pure determination when he’s running the bases with his tongue sticking out, just as his Auntie used to do- and there were moments where he was completely the opposite of serious- when he twirled around in the field with his glove atop his head or when he sat on the base cones and pretended they were horses. In other words, he acted just a t-ball player should.

This week Jack starts a new t-ball league, with actual games, that lasts through August. We are looking forward to more fun, more new friends, and more mastery of skills. And, of course, the most exciting things- trophies and end of the season parties (with baseball cupcakes)!

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These sweet freckles make me weak in the knees.
Photo credit goes to David; picture taken on Jack’s last day of Lil’ Sluggers t-ball.

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I’m a little behind posting the weekly photo, so I’m playing catch up this week. Thank you Aunt Laura for this incredible picture of Jack! She took it at Seattle Center and sent it to us while we were spending the weekend away (We did a date weekend at a winery…with a pool! More to come on that…). This picture made us smile big!

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A Photo of Jack: 19/52

<a href="https://20140512-151112.jpg
At the park on Sunday, Jack requested that we practice t-ball instead of playing on the playground! This was after we spent much of our time at the Saturday UW baseball game throwing the ball back and forth and teaching him how to throw “by his ear”. I love watching new interests blossom! And, I think he rocks a baseball hat!

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I’m head over heels for this four and a half year old!

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It’s evident that we just don’t take enough photos of the three of us together since the last family photo picture was posted in January!
So thankful to Audrey for capturing this sweet family moment of the three of us at Natalie’s birthday party last weekend. After playing and eating cake, we needed a little quiet book reading and this couch was the perfect snuggle spot.
The three of us have not lived normal day to day life together in more than 6 weeks (!!!) because of night float work, Florida vacation, and multiple conferences. David returned home from a conference last night and, I will speak for all of us to say that we are over the moon with excitement to be together again! It’s official, three is more fun than two!

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