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Too many cute ones from this week…
Too hard to limit myself to only one.

20140804-130246-46966428.jpgBlue eyes staring at the blue sky from Dada’s lap.

20140804-130247-46967299.jpgCatching a Silly Jack moment at Carillon Point in Kirkland.

20140804-130248-46968325.jpgSeattle hipster.

20140804-130249-46969138.jpgStaring in awe into the inside of the Mariners dugout! It was so cool to be able to walk out onto the field and to run the bases!


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Any time we drive north, through the gorgeous Skagit Valley, we make a mandatory stop at Snow Goose Produce for some of the best, and definitely the biggest, ice cream around!

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This boy…
This view…
This restaurant (Westward on Lake Union)…
Life is pretty grand.

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San Juan Island July 4th camping weekend: this is the trip when these two really bonded.

Heart swell…

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Exploring the tide pools at Olympic Beach in Edmonds and learning how to identify a mottled crab shell (versus a dead crab) plus the crab’s gender.

Plus, those lips…totally dreamy.

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Still catching up on our weekly photo series…
Four weeks ago, we were at Green Lake with some of our best friends, The Gallardos, who were visiting from Florida. The kids were stopping to explore as we walked around the lake and this particular moment of exploration, that we happened to even catch on camera, turned from fun to terrifying really quickly when Jack fell off of the dock edge into the water. (See him in the above photo starting to lose his balance?)
It all happened so quickly, thank goodness, but it was still horrifying thinking about all of the “what ifs…”. Jack was brave, but it also hit him like a wave as his shock wore off and he processed his own fear.
20140720-210937-76177264.jpg 20140720-210938-76178139.jpg
A few hours after the incident when we were alone, he said to me, “Mama, do you know what I was thinking about when I was in the water? I was thinking I might not ever see my house again…”. Oh, you can believe that I had trouble choking down my emotions with that comment.

This little boy…I love him more than all else. And, sometimes it feels like I can’t possibly keep him close enough.

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All about the World Cup in our house this month. Jack cheers for both teams, every game. This sweet boy hates for anyone to feel sad about losing.

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This photo was taken the day we received our “Red Balloons for Ryan” shirt in the mail, Jack added his own Spider-Man flair to it. Indie Nook, along with many other amazing companies, designed products in support of the family of Ryan Cruz, a little boy who lost his life after running into the road to get his frisbee and being hit by a car. The story touched my heart and sparked many tough conservations around here about being safe near cars. We hold hands almost always now when taking walks and in parking lots. I can’t lie and say that I mind…

(Always working to get caught up…I really need to find my groove with photo organization. I’m hoping if I can find a way to make it simple, then I will start to organize them from my phone weekly…in my dreams!)

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(A little late posting last week’s photo…) Photo credit to David who took this of Jack perched on the bumper of a baby ambulance during a visit to the Children’s Hospital to explore ambulances, meet the tooth fairy, and play doctor to your stuffed animal. Last weekend was a boys only weekend.

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He likes to try things on and then look at himself in the mirror.

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