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Since being in Seattle, I haven’t really felt the pull to “get out of the city,” to step away from our city life to slow down and to cherish nature. Part of the reason for this is that by living in Seattle, nature seems to be everywhere. We are exposed daily to the fresh air, huge lakes, evergreen trees, mountain ranges looming in the distance…it almost feels like we are on vacation every day.


But, this weekend, we did get out of the city. We drove east to a small town north of Snoqualmie called Fall City and then biked, in a row of four road bikes and two bike trailers, to pick raspberries, enjoy the mountain valley country roads, to take time to watch a snail, and to “just be” in nature with some new, yet already dear friends. It was perfect. And, we were reminded that not only is this new city, the one we are thrilled to call our home, gorgeous, so too is the surrounding land.





And now, this week’s menu:

Tuesday: pinto beans (yes…beans, again!)

Wednesday: pasta with greens

Thursday: watermelon and mint skewers

Friday: no pizza this week (gasp!). Instead, I want to share our menu from a Mexican-themed supper party with friends including a black bean enchilada and delicious margarita recipe!

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I have always loved the summer season. As a child, summer meant swimming in granny and pawpaw’s pool…emerging only to eat white bread ham sandwiches on the picnic table and watermelon slices sprinkled with salt. Having your hair turn slime green from the chlorine was a badge of honor. During my college years, summer provided a time to breathe, a respite from all the papers and exams and reading. Post-college, also known as the “real world,” summer morphed into a time to stay out later than normal despite the need for an early rise, grilling with friends, relaxing by the pool, and attending lots of weddings!


Somewhere over the years, summer became more of a memory than an experience. Looking back, it seems I spent the past few summer seasons complaining about the heat and wishing my job provided a “summers off” option. The only unique memories I have of the past several summers are vivid daydreams about what my summer will be like “one day.”


This summer has reawakened my senses. I have had the treat of spending this summer at home with Jack. I feel alive to the wonders of summer again…experiencing all that the season offers with a curious and engaged child. It feels like a school break…multiple months of time off after a hard year(+) of work! I have been relishing every moment and enjoying all of those simple childhood pleasures that mean summer…


Eating cherries on the deck together for an afternoon snack

Endless hours of playing with shovels and balls and the garden hose

Long morning walks when time is not an issue and Jack can stop and smell the roses (and almost everything else that crosses his path!)

Visiting playgrounds and meeting new people

Discovering wading pools

Chasing bees and learning why they love flowers

Dinners in the sunlight

Deliciously fresh berries that stain our hands and clothes

Playing with bugs

Leaving the door open to invite running from inside to outside and back again

Learning how to slide and how to climb

Blowing bubbles


Sidewalk chalk

Wearing rain boots, a pajama shirt, and a diaper…just because you can

It’s a wonderful gift to have the time to live through a season with a child. It brings peace, it heals, and it makes you new. I hope that a combination of these moments will form Jack’s memories of summer…


This week’s menu:
Tuesday: slow cooked beans…again, but this time we are making nachos! I promise to get more creative with my slow cooker soon!

Wednesday: grilled feta and pita, buttered turnips

Thursday: orzo, broccoli, and avocado salad featuring homemade pesto

Friday: pizza from Zeeks!

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The buzz around Seattle is that this summer’s weather is completely out of the norm…al fresco dining temperatures are fading in and out so you don’t know whether to wear a tank top or a sweater. Truth truth be told, throughout the day you will want to go between both as the temperature is completely sun dependent swinging between the low 50s and the high 70s all day long. It’s pretty exciting for us, having never experienced a summer that wasn’t stifling hot and full of mosquitos (the summer that SO many of you are experiencing…yikes!), yet many Seattlites are complaining that this is the worst summer they have ever had! We are taking advantage of the long days (the sun doesn’t go down until after 9:30!) and mild temperatures and doing some of what Seattle has to offer plus making a lot of our own fun in our new home.

Here are a few photos of how we spent our week:


20110715-090327.jpgoh my…those blue eyes! Be still my heart.

20110715-090336.jpgJack loves crawling under the table and saying “bye-bye.” I like to think he’s going on a pretend adventure so I ask him where he’s going and who he’s going to see. Almost always his answer is “Nonna” who is my mom:)

20110715-090348.jpgWe love that Jack is keeping his sun hat on! It was a bit of a struggle at first, but now he will keep it on all day!


Jack just got his first rain jacket and he picked it out himself! We were looking at the kidorables site and I had a few in mind that I thought were cute….he was completely uninterested in my choices, but when he saw the fireman coat his eyes widened as he screamed “fi-ah!”


20110731-021819.jpg loving my little fireman!








Friday night reggae concert, hyah vision, and playground playing at Magnuson community center…Jack was busy and certainly jammin’ to the music! And, we enjoyed a lovely picnic dinner from pasta and co with rice pudding as a special desert treat (Jessica, that choice was for you!).





Fort building on a rainy Sunday…this was Jack and Sadie’s first fort experience!






And, as an end to our fun weekend, we met a friend for dinner at boom noodle which was yummy…Jack had his first bento box! and I had two small plates of miso broiled rice cakes (mixed grain rice topped with caramelized miso and sesame vegetable slaw, with a creamy tofu sauce) and salmon tataki (flash seared sashimi with olive oil and lime, with ponzu, shoestring vegetables, scallions, and natural sea salt). Following dinner, we used our Scoutmob coupon for ice cream at blue bird . I chose horchata, a vegan ice cream made with coconut milk…so cinnamony and delicious! Our after dinner walk was through Cal Anderson park.


20110731-084641.jpg and, of course, Jack has 2 fistfuls of pebbles! Saying he loves pebbles and throwing things is quite an under statement.

And, here is this week’s menu:
Tuesday: slow cooked black beans for a black bean bowl

Wednesday: grilled salmon, buttered turnips, and strawberry arugala salad

Thursday: our first Seattle picnic…black bean salad

Friday: pizza, pizza!


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Hello lovelies, so I’ve been writing, writing, writing and planning, planning, planning and I’m ready to launch my weekly menus again, so…here’s my first weekly menu from the northwest! In addition to the relaunch, I’m kicking-off a new menu planning style. I’ve been thinking about switching things up for a while now because, to be perfectly honest, the detailed weekly menus were way time consuming and while I would love for this blog to be my job, it, sadly, is not. So, I have decided on a new, more writer-friendly approach that I hope you will find just as enjoyable.

Here’s my plan…I’m going to start taking the weekends off (aside from the occasional “this can’t wait to be shared” post!), which means that I will post on Monday (instead of on Saturday) a weeknight meal plan. This means I will no longer be regularly posting about weekend dinners, which I think should work okay since this is typically the time people go out to eat or have more flexible schedules anyway. Also, my family is moving to a bit more patterned meal structure (each day will have a “usual” pattern that we follow) and so the menu planning will follow suit…
Mondays = leftovers
Tuesdays = slow cooked meal
Wednesdays = an old trusted dish
Thursdays = new recipe night
Fridays = pizza night

I have also decided that rather than continuing to develop all of the recipes on my own, I am going to start spreading the love and link to recipes, when appropriate, via other blogs or websites. This way I can concentrate more on food photos and post content while at the same time sharing some of the great sites that inspire me to cook. We will see how this plan goes and tailor if necessary. Feedback is, of course, welcomed and considered, as always.

Weeknight menu for the week of July 25th:

Monday: our new leftovers night since we always have leftover yummies from the weekend. Because the day is devoted to leftovers, I will use this day to publish the week’s menu and to try to post a week recap via photos about our family’s happenings or use this as a day to share my rambles and thoughts.

Tuesday: white beans with Swiss chard

Wednesday: grilled salmon, butter turnips, and arugula and strawberry salad

Thursday: Thursdays are a great night to have friends over for dinner or to make it a special night in the kitchen for grown-ups only. This week: a feast of grilled feta, wild rice and pine nut salad, greens with radishes and snap peas, and grilled salmon with lemon and fennel shared with friends.

Friday: We plan to try lots of pizza places around our new city, so I will provide restaurant reviews and also share recipes for those pizza pies we make at home. This week I will review ‘zaw pizza.

And, to kick this off according to my plan, here is a Monday photo recap…a peak at how we spent our Saturday afternoon at the Ballard Locks (it is really fun and totally fascinating! You can follow the link to read more about it. Mom and Dad, we will take you here when you visit!) and our picture perfect Sunday of blue skies, no clouds, and 82 degrees.




Watching at the lock for the next set of boats to move through the canal.

Waving to the boaters leaving the Puget Sound and entering Lake Washington. And, doing a little boat “shopping” and dreaming…maybe one day we will be sitting on a beautiful sailboat waving to all of the people watching from the locks above.


Down below the water level at the fish ladder where you can see the salmon migrating!


A view of the locks from adjacent Commodore Park.

Our backyard sunny Sunday:




Cheers! I’m glad to be back at this with regular posts and yummy food to share! xxo.

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No, I’m not pregnant for all of you who may be wondering after reading the title of this post! But, I do have exciting news…I did an online piece for pregnancy and newborn magazine and it is published today! Check it out here: healthy snack and meal ideas during pregnancy.

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happy may, lovelies.  we are in nashville for the country music marathon and half marathon this weekend!  my little sis is running the half and our whole fam will be there to cheer her on…!  one of her friends made this super cute cartoon of her which we will all be donning on tee shirts or buttons for the big event!

isn’t it adorable?!  run, jessica, run!

because we are out of town and have lots of things going on in town, i am going to do a half week of menus this week instead of a full week, but the recipes are still yummy!  and, if i can get around to it, i will do a post with pictures from our nashville trip.  

wednesday: tomato, basil, and mozzarella pasta

thursday: nachos

friday: berry biscuit shortcake

saturday: we are attending a md/phd cocktail dinner with our siblings tonight to kick off david’s graduation weekend-long celebration!

have a good week!  and, as always, thanks for reading!  xxo.

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weekly dinner menu, april 24th – april 30th

happy easter weekend to you all!  i hope your yards and tables are filled with flowers and that the kiddos in your life have easter baskets and hidden eggs awaiting them.  i am so excited about jack’s easter basket…look!

and, a very happy birthday to our godson, nico!  i wish we where there to celebrate your third birthday….kisses and hugs being sent from atlanta to florida!

we are home for nearly the whole week, so it’s back to the stove around here!  your weekly dinner menu (and also plenty of picture posts since i still have lots to share with you from our trips last weekend):

sunday: easter lunch and i’m bringing the pasta salad

monday:  easter leftovers night, so the perfect time to share the beautiful wedding photos with you from last weekend! 

tuesday: oat pancakes

wednesday: broccoli and cheese quesadillas

thursday: pasta with carmelized onions and spinach

friday: i am going to take today to show you how much fun jack had with his auntie jessica last weekend while david and i were away.  it’s a good night to eat out or grab take-out anyway!

saturday: go, jessica, go!  post-run dinner…to be determined…

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hello.  i hope spring has made it’s way to all of you by now…we are certainly basking in the spring sunshine and loving every minute of it.  i keep joking with jack that we have to spend as much time as we can outside so we can soak in the sunshine to carry with us to rainy seattle!

speaking of jack…look at the photo below that david’s dad sent him.  it’s of david as a one year old getting his first haircut.  wow!  it looks so much like jack that it take my breath away! 

stephanie’s attitude + david’s looks = our little man, jack!

so, what’s for supper this week?

sunday: slow cooked vegetables and chicken meatballs over pasta

monday: not a dinner post, but a “please help me” post— i’m in need of good snack ideas!

tuesday: sausage, southern greens, and lemon lasagna

wednesday: use your slow cooked leftovers over baby broccoli and white beans

thursday: grilled flank steak

friday: in celebration of karen and mike and their wedding weekend, i will share a super tasty recipe for brownies with you while we enjoy a whole dessert party!

saturday: we will be celebrating at a wedding and having farm fresh georgia food (yay!)…so i am taking tonight off from cooking.

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weekly dinner menu, april 3rd – april 9th

happy april!  oh my goodness…i can’t believe it’s here already.  only 8 more weekends in atlanta!!!  today is world autism awareness day…please keep yourself informed of this complex disease and use today as a day to think about those families who have been affected. 

i hope spring has made it your way by now.  i am on call this weekend at work, which is a bummer, but i am hoping i will still have lots of time to play with my boys.  plus, this is my last weekend to work at my hospital…EVER.  wow!…that is so hard to wrap my head around.  we do have some especially fun sunday plans this weekend starting with breakfast at the bakeshop, then an outing with jack’s best friend 🙂 -estelle, to get a delicious popsicle from king of pops (THE. best. popsicle. EVER.  clearly, an obsession of mine that deserves a post of it’s own…will do soon) and to play at the park, and finally, we will end the day with our sunday dinner on the grill. 

sunday: grilled chicken drumsticks, asparagus, and baked garlic fries

monday: spaghetti with broccoli in a creamy tomato sauce

tuesday: fried eggs, sauteed southern greens, and cherry butter

wednesday: leftovers tonight…let’s make it a jack themed post day.  those always make me smile.

thursday: ancho-chile shrimp quesadillas

friday: crabcakes, roasted brussels sprouts, and orzo past salad

saturday: our dear friends, mk and nolan, will be visiting this weekend!  not sure what we will do for dinner tonight, but i do have a scrumptious lunch planned for us 3 adults while our boys nap…prosecco and tasties from alon’s bakery.

have a great week!

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weekly dinner menu, march 27th – april 2nd

as promised, back to (mostly) food this week despite most of my every thought being on our BIG move…

sorry no market shopping list though…i can’t seem to find the time for all the move planning and everything else i want to do…

sunday: slow cooked black beans + black bean brownies (yes.  you read that right!  black beans in brownies…YUM!)

monday: tofu stir fry

tuesday: black bean quesadillas tonight…a jack post instead of a recipe

wednesday: blood orange salmon

thursday: it’s leftover night at our house so today i will share the details about our supper club feast at sun in my belly that we enjoyed on friday

friday: blueberry + ginger mojito

saturday: per typical, a night out…where to???

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